He has authored/edited over 80 volumes on Gandhian Thought, Social Geography, Regional Development, Urbanization, and Rural Development and contributed 168 papers to books and journals. The books authored or edited by him are listed following:

  1. Diffusion of Agricultural Innovation, Prasaranga, Mysore

  University, 1968;

  1. Medical Geography of India, National Book Trust, New

  Delhi, 1970;

  1.  Inland Water Transport in India, Prasaranga, Mysore

  University, 1972;

  1. Urban Systems and Rural Development, IDS, Mysore

   University, 1972;

  1. Million Cities of India, Vikash Publishing Houses, New

   Delhi, 1978;

  1. Third World Peasantry: A Continuing Saga of

    Deprivation, 1978;

  1. Regional Planning and National Development, 1978;
  2. Regional Development Series (10 Volumes), Maruzen

   Asia on behalf of the UNCRD Japan, 1981;

  1. Human Development: Essays on People, Space and

    Development, Maruzen Asia, Tokyo, 1981;

  1. Gandhian Alternative (5 Volumes);
  2. Regional Development: Essays in Honor of Prof.

     Masahiko Honjo, Maruzen Asia, Tokyo, 1982;

  1. Local Level Planning and Development, 1983;
  2. Rural Industrialization in Third World Countries, 1985;
  3. Rural Development: Capitalist and Socialist Paths (5

     Volumes), 1985;

  1. Development Issues of Our times, 1985;
  2. Regional Development in Brazil: The Frontier and Its

     People, 1985;

  1. Contributions to Indian Geography (10 volumes) 1986
  2. Gandhian Model of Development and World Peace,

     1988 published by Concept Publishing      Company,            New Delhi;

  1. Micro-Level Rural Planning: Principles, Methods and

     Case Studies, 1990;

  1. District Planning: A Handbook, Concept Publishing

     Co., New Delhi, 1990;

  1. Regional Planning: Concepts, Techniques, Policies and

     Case Studies, 1992;

  1. Environment, Development and Education: Cultural

     Ethical and Spiritual Perspectives, 1994 by Heritage      Publishers, New Delhi;

  1. Environmental Ethics: A Dialogue of Cultures, 1995;
  2. Million Cities of India: Growth Dynamics, Internal

     Structure, Quality of Life and Planning Perspectives

      (2 volumes) 1998 By SDF, New Delhi;

  1. Research Methodology: A Handbook, 1989, 2002       Concept Publishing Co., New Delhi.
  2. Rebuilding our universities, 2006 by Sharda Pustak     Bhawan, University Road Allahabad, Allahabad.
  3. Fundamentals of Cartography, 2012, by Concept      Publishing Company, New Delhi;
  4. Urbanization in South Asia: Focus on Mega Cities,


  1. Geography of Health: A Treatise on Geography of

    Life and Death in India, 2007, 2016, published by     Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi;

  1. Inland Water Transport in India, 2017 by Concept       Publishing Company, New Delhi;
  2. Rediscovering Gandhi (10 Volume Series), 2018,                   published by Concept Publishing Company, New                   Delhi;